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Visual storyteller. Content creator.

Global citizen.

Driven to make a difference. Called to be of service.

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Hola, Namaste, Aloha!

I’m Elizabeth. My craft is creating digital content through visual story-telling by means of still and moving media.

I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, USA - the same place I continue to call “home base,” though I’ve spent most of the past ten years living and traveling abroad, exploring various cultures, tapping into the needs of our planet and our people and hearing my call to be of service.

Since I completed my 500hr yoga teaching certification in Bali, an organic blend of colorful imagery and unique shapes developed in my lens and continues to be brought to life through the heart.

I specialize in portrait and conscious trade photography as well as offering documentary(ish)-style media for NGOs, humanitarian and environmentally concerned, progressive organizations.

I use the gifts and artistic eye I was given to create media for those who chose to follow their creative inspiration and are offering their authentic being to the world.  My hope is that my imagery portrays the expansive global shift toward conscious movement and intentional living, the beauty and sanctity of healing arts, and the positive change of awakening that humanity is experiencing at this time.

You can most often find me in Central/South America and Southeast Asia. I spend much of my time between Peru and Thailand, popping back into the States for the holidays or for family beach time over the summer.

Oh, and you may also see a “Wanderlust Photography” watermark on some image galleries - don’t worry, those are my photos with my previous business name.

Check out my latest adventures and where I’m roaming on the Find Me Here page.


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